Hyperquake Co-op Experience

Storybuilding Design Co-op
May 2023 - August 2023

Hyperquake is a Cincinnati-based Design Agency that builds brands, stories, and businesses — through design. During my time on Hyperquake’s Storybuilding team, I collaborated with Interior Designers, Architects, Brand Strategists, and other Graphic Designers to create innovative, compelling Experiential Design and Environmental Graphic Design solutions.

At this time, much of my work is confidential, however I would love to chat through my learnings & experiences! 



A four-floor immersive branding experience illuminating science as a service for improving health by unlocking the power of the human genome.

The the materials, content, and digital experience of each floor reflect its respective storyline. As a co-op, I contributed to the design of 3 walls, two of which can be viewed below, as well as in the full Illumina case study︎︎︎.


Hexagonal Wall

My Role: Concept and Design

The hexagonal structures are organically arraged to reflect the movement and grouping of molecular structures. Wood-finished hexagons maintain cohesion with other wood-finishes on this level of the EBC, while mirror-finished hexagons amplify the concept of “illuminating science.”

Decode Wall

My Role: Layout Design for Production

Hyperquake also designed a “Decoding Moment” for each floor of the Illumina EBC, which can be solved to reveal an inspiring quote by a famous scientist.