Procter & Gamble Co-op Experiences

Brand Expression Design Co-op
Fabric Care Design Studio | Spring 2022

Brand Innovation Design Co-op Transformative Platform Technologies (1TPT) Innovation Studio | Fall 2022

Brand Expression Design Co-op 
Family Care Design Studio | Spring 2024
Throughout my three semesters at P&G, I gained valuable experiences in: design sprints, environmental graphic design & wayfinding, new brand development, consumer research, trend forecasting, app concept development & prototyping.

I also learned how to introduce a new product form to an unfamiliar market through design, photography, and thoughtfully selected marketing terminology. 

I grew tremendously in my soft skills, as well, including leadership, confidence, and professional communication.

Working on cross-disciplinary teams—comprised of industrial & digital designers, product researchers, scientists, marketing specialists, subject matter experts, and others—I was provided a generous number of outlets to exercise rapid ideation & concept generation skills, and was encouraged to take creative risks each day.


Actively engaged in a week-long design sprint, with the Charmin team, to visualize 3 Brand Worlds for the bath tissue consumer who opts into ‘super premium’ products. See target consumer personas, below. 2 concepts per each brand world, were taken to consumer testing at the end of the week.

Brand Worlds: Pampering Touch, Spa Skin Feeling, Signal Ingredients

My Primary Role: Lead Designer for one of the Signal Ingredient concepts. See prototype for this concept, below. 

Sprint Overview, Personas, and Brand Worlds 

My Contributions


Project Objective: Partner with the Digital Design Co-op to build a cohesive EGD and wayfinding system that brings the personality of the internal Where Good Grows initiative to life thoughout Winton Hill Business Center (WHBC). 

My Role: Identify principles for the visual design that foster the Where Good Grows ethos. Let these principles guide creation of unique & memorable branded identities for meeting rooms, to both inspire occupants and serve as landmarks that aid building orientation. 

Grounding & Auditing

Solution: Abstracted Brand Murals


Tasked to develop the visual identity for a new personal wellness product, I built a brand guideline deck, which is being used to guide the creation of future content & assets. The brand guidelines ensure consistency is maintained, boost brand recognition, and increase the accuracy of consumer testing results. 

I also helped my team by refining two mock brands, built around the same concept, which ensured their visual difference was enough to yield meaningful quantitative results from an A/B test scenario. The brand work for this initiative included the creation of ads, redesigning logos, developing ownable imagery styles and packaging concepts, and extending my graphic design perspective to the brands’ landing pages.

While I am unable to show the majority of the work referenced above, my inspiration boards and respective package design concept directions for one of the brands I worked on, are pictured below.


As the lead on this project – and with light guidance from the broader, interdisciplinary team – I partnered with a Data-Science Co-op to develop a digital solution, addressing one of consumer’s largest emotional tensions within this Intimate Health Care space.

We conducted broad field research, benchmarked existing in & out-of-category solutions, and met with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to leverage existing company resources & knowledge. Additionally, I was responsible for planning & leading several individual consumer interviews, to validate the problem we were designing for and the aesthetic direction our digital solution would take.

I detailed our learnings from the interviews in an actionable Summary Report, and utilized them to design a prototype. The prototype is also highly informed by deep content research, and is on track to be used in consumer testing.

Some snippets of my process, below.


EC30 is a solid-form cleaning solution, activated by water. Its light weight and water-less composition reduce the brand’s carbon footprint and promote portability & space saving as key benefits. However, since the form is so new, it is unfamiliar to consumers. I was challenged to develop photography concepts for the E-Retail environment, that would aid consumers in overcoming 5 key purchasing barriers.

I captured and edited a series of product shots, to introduce EC30’s newest swatch form, texture, and packaging. Additionally, I captured a series of photos that utilized sustainable travel props, showcasing one of the primary benefits of the new form: portability.


Samples from Full Set

Currently in-use on ︎︎︎ and on instagram ︎

E-Retail Photoshoot

Concept Brainstorm Boards

‘Portability’ Concept Shots & Use Case Sample