Noosa Festival of Surfing


Studio Project | July 2022
This project tasked me to evaluate the visual identity of an existing event, pinpoint weaknesses, and develop an entirely new identity.

A clean, organic logo sets the scene for the new visual identity, while the brand system as a whole is envisioned through a mock a website, event schedule brochure, large-scale graphic backdrop, personalized surfer badge, and a sustainability report.


The Noosa Festival of Surfing is a multi-day event that prioritizes environmental sustainability & social responsibility. The festival includes surfing competitions, charity events, music, art and cultural exhibitions — all focused on conservation of energy, water, and waste. It also encourages participation from the local communities, National Parks, and World Surfing Reserve conservation groups in these endeavors. The festival is held in Queensland, Australia — known for its iconic coastline, natural beaches, and tidal ecosystems.

The current visual identity...

  • Inconsistently uses color palette across platforms
  • Presents a mixture of new & old logomarks
  • Lacks typographic unity (5+ typefaces in current system)
  • Forgoes visual comfort, in favor of saving space
  • Lacks alignment & attention to optimizing layout

This re-brand strives to address the current issues, while communicating...

  • Pique watersport talent & performance
  • The expressive nature of surfing
  • A lively, energetic atmosphere
  • The coastal beauty of Noosa Head Shores
  • Environmental consciousness



The typographer’s intent, as well as the correlation between typeface personality & project communication goals, were carefully considered during my research.


“Quincy's warm letterforms and medium contrast give any text a smooth, flowing motion. Small variations and human touches add charm, with Quincy's boldest weights especially strong as large and medium display type.”  – Connary Fagen

Subheaders + Body Copy

“Blending geometric architecture with humanistic strokes, Brother 1819 is a contemporary sans serif that’s been expertly designed to maintain a high degree of legibility in smaller point.”  – Fernando Diaz


The website’s Home/About page provides background on the festival, publicizes the event’s “sustainable stakeholders”, and directly links an image gallery for browsing; meanwhile, the News page briefs recent happenings, features top-level surfers, and announces relevant updates.

Since participants and spectators travel from all over the globe to attend the Noosa Festival of Surfing, this information is best received in a digital format — where visitors can gain instant access to resources, event contacts, and view live updates.


A multi-day festival containing various competition formats, changing daily festivities, and an inconsistent timeliene necessitates a visually structured asset. This brochure clearly communicates the time, place, and order of all events — allowing participants to focus on pique performance, and spectators to feel confident navigating the shoreline.


Medium to large scale graphic assets set a lively & expressive tone for the event. The square composition serves as a photo backdrop for spectators and competitors as they walk along the beach. Designed to be photographed, this backdrop also encourages promotion of the festival, via social media. The vertical rectangular composition serves as a wayfinding asset along the beaches crowded shoreline.


The Noosa Festival of Surfing cares for the environment from all angles — reducing water pollution, utilizing plastic-free food vendors, providing carbon-conscious transportation, and more. An annual Sustainability Report details specific actions taken to achieve desired outcomes, and highlights each year’s environmental successes. Publicizing such statistics positively reinforces personal contributions, leaving event attendees more likely to continue opting into sustainable practices.

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Sample Spreads


Badge identification helps quickly differentiate surfers from spectators in beach crowds. It also aids the surfer on a personal level by listing their daily competitions & heats.