Collaborative Studio | Fall 2023

Team Composition: Industrial Design (1), Communication Design (2), Fashion Design (1)

My Role: Solely reponsible for in-store field research, content hierarchy studies, design of visual identity system, creation of production files, construction of physical models for secondary bottle packaging & refill pouches, decal printing, photo documentation and editing, and presentation and process book formatting. Contributed heavily to competitive landscape analysis and the development of our target consumer, nuanced secondary pack dielines, and provided light guidance on wordmark.
Current liquid-based, outdoor cleansing brands lack the physical convenience and accessibility that outdoor adventure necessitates — all while dismissing the impact their packaging has on the environment around them.

Kolo is a liquid-based outdoor cleansing brand that leverages a refill system, enabling the brand to tackle sustainability without compromising functionality and high performance. 

Kolo is...

Kolo strives to uphold its core brand attributes throughout even the most minute packaging details. This ensures the needs of its target consumer are met with consistency.


Initial Observations

  • Functionality &
User Experience — Poor leak prevention, cumbersome dosing, lack of functional attachments
  • Brand Identity — Extremely poor information hierarchy, primarily monotone palettes, bottles are primarily stock forms
  • Sustainability — Poor pack lifecycle (Recyclability vs. Reusability), intentional material choice is seldom considered
  • Product Offerings — Bigger brands provide both all-purpose and single-purpose solutions

Competitive Landscape

Design Opportunities

  • Excel in accessibility & portability
  • Encourage reuse of pack
  • Stand out on shelf with color & unique form factor
  • Communicate clearly & limit unnecessary information

Target Consumer

User Journey






Early Inspiration, Style Directions, Pack Application

Feedback Highlights

  • Consider a customized pack that shares a shape language with the durable bottle
Consider how structural "micro details" and/or print finishes could contribute to our consumers keen attention to detail
Iterate on a color palette that more accurately reflects the product category


Brand name researched and recommended by Brien Bell. The term “Kolo” has many  definitions around the world; the main theme is circular motion. This term is appropriate for our brand, due to its environmentally conscious nature. Everything that comes from the Earth should be returned in an eco-friendly manner.

Final Visual Identity System


Durable Bottle

Noah Pitzer took the lead on the Durable Bottle Form, while Bella Cohn iterated heavily on the topographic pattern used through all touchpoints of the brand — from bottle grip to background texture. 

Secondary Packaging

Brien Bell prototyped initial secondary packaging forms — onto which I applied content, iterated on the dieline, constructed, reconstructed, and arrived at our final secondary package.

Scrub to view iterations and notable feedback/changes.

Refill Pouch

Scrub to view iterations and notable feedback/changes.


The final packaging system embraces sustainability through a family that includes one durable bottle, interchangeable product identification rings, and corresponding refill pouches. This approach eliminates the need for multiple bottles, without compromising functionality and high-performance. A flow-control slider prevents leakage, a webbing strap improves accessibility, and a wide bottle base ensures stability. The topographical pattern enhances grip, alludes to the use category, and visually unifies the product family; subtle curves create a consistent brand language, building shelf recognition.  Although custom-illustrated icons suggest the refill system, packaging all rings alongside the bottle encourages users to adopt Kolo’s smartly-designed system. The brand also positions itself above competitors by offering tips to minimize environmental impact. Kolo’s determination to serve quality-seeking consumers is evident through structural micro-details like spot gloss and grain, and exterior packaging that discourages theft of the compact form.

Process Book available upon request.

Showcases construction methods and technical skills — including use of CNC Router, Spot Varnish, Vinyl Application, 3D Printing, Fine Hand Skills, and more.